I’m working with a new medium. Hebel Block.


Little Bonsai. Stands 15cm tall Super fine copper wire twisted together to make delicate looking branches with green glass beads as leaves. Base made out of a piece of mangrove driftwood washed with a purple dye.

I’ve made sculptures out of clay and little bonsai trees out of copper wire, beads and drift wood but never have I carved into a medium and made it into something. It’s always been me twisting and shaping a flexible medium to my will.



Hebel 1Never have I tried to chip away at something that if I chip too much away cannot be put back on. It is both frightening and feels so final. Hebel 2It is still a piece in progress as you can see. I want to carve out the tops and plant a small leaf ground cover succulent in it so that it will grow down over the curves. My future vision of this will have the plant slightly covering the cut outs over time. I can imagine this being part of the altar in my mermaid painting.



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