Blending Mediums

I have always found joy in many styles of creative expression.

Painting, drawing, sculpting and crocheting all form outlets for my creativity. I would hate to feel trapped by one style and I think I would feel limited. I would like to blend all of these altogether one day and display how many styles can make up the whole.

SeahorsesFree Floating. 2008.

Acrylic paint, Hot glue and Silver Marker Pen.

This seahorse painting is actually a mixed medium piece. I don’t know if you can tell but I used a hot glue gun to make parts of the seahorses raised, adding to their bumpy unusual appearances. It has silver paint pen to make the glue stick out even more and many little black and white dots overlaying the red to give more definition to the bumpiness of these shy creatures.

Seahorses are such unusual and unique creatures. They almost belong in the realm of mythical creatures. How can they achieve so much with just that one clever tail?

Mythical Creations

While blending mediums, why not blend animals?

An activity I did once and have loved so much I have done it again and again is blending animals together to create new and interesting beasts. Have you seen an Elephinutterflog?

ElephinutterflogIsn’t he magical?

He’s a blending of an elephant, dolphin, butterfly and a frog, but I threw in some extra sets of eyes from a spider too.

Can you imagine Elephinutterflog which is a blending of some really big animals being able to sit on a lily pad?

What about a Squidlobsteeleon?Squilobsteeleon

You’ll have to guess what he is made up from.

  • These creatures are first drawn to get the look of the creature and then put into an environment that you think would suit them.

I’ll give you a hint, Squidlobsteeleon is made up of a few sea animals as well as another yet his environment is up in a gum tree.

  • The next step to this activity requires blackboard chalk to draw over the outlines and well anything you want to come out black in the end.
  • Then using oil pastels (NO black), every piece of white paper needs to be covered with as many bright colours as you can find. Not a single speck of paper (other than where the chalk is) is to be left visible.
  • Now for the tricky part. Using black ink like paint, brush over the entire piece of paper. The oil pastels repel the ink while the chalk will soak it up creating your mythical creature to come to life as if by magic.
  • Good quality oil pastels work best at repelling the ink. Crayons not so much.

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