Black and White

I find myself drawing on nearly every piece of paper that gets put down in front of me. Whether I’m on the phone or at Professional Development for work I seem to draw all the time.

Glitter Tree“Glitter Tree”

A3 and Graphite Pencil

The model for this pretty little sketch is what I wake up to every morning. My Jewellery keeper is so bright and pretty, as you can see I like to wear big earrings. The reason I sketched it in graphite and didn’t use colour is because well, if I had tried to use colour I think I would have wrecked it. There was no way I had the colours to do my jewellery justice. I like the black and white look to this piece like most of my sketches. The lack of colour allows for an elegance and the feeling that colour would overtake it making it too bright to look at.

A3 Macro Images

How close have you looked at your face? It’s hard to take it in in its entirety. Cut a little rectangular hole out of a piece of paper and put it over a section of your face. Spend a lot of time looking at it. What do you see? Little fine hairs, holes, lines, bumps.

Grey Chalk Pastel

Grey chalk pastels are a very forgiving medium. If you start out very lightly and build up the darker areas using your finger to blend them together you get some pretty impressive pieces. A little trick, if you want to achieve the wispy hairs caught in the light like the ones in my eye picture you use a thin sliver of eraser and do gentle single rubs to form thin wispy lines.

Macro-EyeMy eye as close as you can possibly get without sticking anything into it. No, I didn’t put in the many veins in my eye (there were too many). It was bit of a shock though to realise my eyelashes weren’t as thick and luscious as I would have liked. The lashes this close though were interesting.Macro-Nose

No bats in the cave thank goodness. Why would I want to look up my nose? Did you know there are ridges and HAIRS up there? Who would have thought I would like my face in bits. My lips have wrinkles on them. Again colour would have swamped me if I had used them. I would have concentrated on getting them right and missed details. Have a close look at your own face. I bet it will fascinate you as much as mine did me. Macro-Thumb

These fingers have tickled my children, carefully pulled splinters out of their feet and stroked their foreheads until their eyes slid shut at night. They have also allowed me to create, express and explore this beautiful world through touch and feel. Thank you hands. Nice work.


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