Art and Creativity


Detournement: Pride and Prejudice. 2013. Emily Brown. An overlapping or blending of two images. One picture of Hitler standing in front of “Church of our Lady” in Nuremberg in September, 1934 and the other picture a Gay Pride Image.

 Art isn’t just paintings.

Art is a creation that expresses emotions, tells a story or makes you feel something such as joy, anger, bewilderment or amazement.

It doesn’t even have to be great masterpieces to achieve this because everyone’s experiences are as unique as they are. As seen in the Detournement Pride and Prejudice this creation is an attempt to blend two images, one denotes prejudice and hatred of the past and the other while confronted constantly with prejudice and hatred is still full of pride.

This piece expresses an emotion. When I made it I was wanting to overlap Hitler’s prejudice and hatred with a society that has experienced these emotions and still comes out rainbows.

Did it make you feel anything? It’s okay if it didn’t. Someone else might see it and think OMG!!!! I love it. Everyone’s different. Thank goodness. 🙂


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