Emily H Brown.Face 2

Hi, my name is Emily and like so many people out there in the world I am wearing a lot of different hats. I constantly feel like I am juggling, wearing a different hat for every situation and sometimes more than one at a time.

I live on a small residential island off the south east coast of Queensland. Being surrounded by water can make some people feel trapped but I love it. Catching the ferry to the mainland is time spent either imagining myself as a mermaid swimming around my beautiful bay or admiring the lovely coastlines of the surrounding islands. So pretty and an artists playground.

I am a mum, partner, student and artist/crafter. From my earliest memories I have been an avid drawer and painter, winning awards in school and in local council art competitions. In High School, I participated in a few large scale projects that put me on the path to further my art at James Cook University in Townsville gaining an Associate Diploma in Commercial Art.

City SpiritMy love of art continued to grow branching out into many other facets of creation. I found it helped me process my thoughts about just about everything. If something needs sorting out I like to paint it away. Each piece I produce definitely has a mood or feeling attached to it. It feels like an outpouring of me, all the things I can’t put into words. When I finish a piece, I’ve usually sorted out what was happening inside my head 🙂


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