About This Blog

Art is life. Creating art for me is therapeutic and can be inspired by even the most mundane. It is a journey of self discovery and expression. Therefore, this Blog is a way for me to track my journey of self discovery and share it with you. I’m not wanting to sell my pieces. Art is experience and sometimes sharing experiences can inspire others to try too.

LeavesThe other day I was walking along the road and looked down at the dying gum leaves lying wet on the ground. I was instantly taken by their many striking colours all naturally created. They were both beautiful and unique in the way they were seeing out the last few days of their lives. Seeing them made me think about how we are like gum leaves all green on the tree. Sometimes it takes letting go of the branch to see how truly beautiful we are.

My Blog is about my journey as I float on the wind and where my art will take me. You see, I let go of the branch and just like a leaf I am dying to see what my colours are. My art is a representation of my individuality and is a manifestation of my own unique colours.  You too can embrace your colours, it only takes trusting yourself to let go of the branch. X


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