VSW100 Animation

I had to do hundreds of photos to make this funny little animation. The way I had it set up with the camera suspended a metre above the stage which was lying flat on the ground so that the cardboard pieces were easier to move and keep stable was not as easy on the body as I had thought it was going to be.

Each second of the animation was at least 8 photos taken which equates to 8 squats. So, hundreds of photos later and 8 times that in squats, let me say even sitting down on the toilet and rolling over in bed made me cry out in pain.

Talk about hurting for your art…..

I started by cutting out black pieces of cardboard in all the shapes I needed to make my shadow puppets. They needed moveable parts like necks, knees, elbows and wrists. I also needed to show them from many angles like when the princess turns and walks back towards home. The dragon needed to get bigger too.

After the storyboard was written it came time to start. It was interesting to say the least. Do I have a deeper appreciation for animation????? YES I DO!!!!!


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